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Kiteboarding Lessons

Our certified instructors teach people to kiteboard in a safe, enjoyable and professional way.

Lessons start with quick theory, then on to Kite Handling. Body dragging and Board Skills are taught on flat water, usually at La Mercy Lagoon or Sterkfontein Dam. This makes it safer than learning in the sea and makes lessons much more enjoyable.


Our certified instructors teach people to kiteboard independently and in a safe, enjoyable and professional way as soon as possible.

Lessons start with theoretical part that explains what the sport really is about. It gives an insight on how to avoid the danger zones and open the realm of fun and addiction!

Then on to Kite Handling, Body Dragging and Board Skills that are taught on flat water. This is usually taught at dams or flat water. This process makes the sport more accessible and enjoyable for all enthusiasts!

Program Breakdown

Theory and Safety Regulations
Rigging and Setting of Kite
Basic Flying
Body Dragging
Basic Wind Theory
Basic Flying Skills

Morning/ Afternoon Lessons/4 hour lessons

Cost: R1400  ( 10% discount on eft payments )

Lessons for 1 to 4 Students (more on request) lasting approx 4 hours from 09h00 – 13h00 or 13h00 – 17h00.

Lessons are taken by a qualified kiteboarding instructor. Equipment is provided by Dolphin Dreams Adventures.

Intro Lessons Cost/ 2 hours

Cost: R800 ( 10% discount on eft payments )

For between 1 and 4 students, these Intro Lessons are great for getting a feel of the sport of kiteboarding. Equipment is provided by the school. All lessons are taught in a safe kiting environment, supervised by an qualified instructor.


Four Day Course

 Cost: R4900 ( 10% discount on eft payments )

These lessons can be held in any of the beautiful areas Dolphin Dreams Operates at(Palm Beach, Durban, La Mercy Lagoon, Richards Bay, Sterkfontein Dam) with a min. of 4 and max. of 8 students being taught. All equipment is provided by Dolphin Dreams and lessons are taught by an qualified instructor.

The course runs over four days/four lessons and lessons cover:

Kite Theory
Kite Flying
Emergency Procedures

At the end you will qualify as an Level Three Kiteboarder.

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